2018 NTC Winners


To all the 2018 IBO National Championship Triple Crown Winners!!!!!

Congratulations on being crowned National Champion in your respective class.

This is a personal invitation for you to participate in the Best of the Best Shoot Off.  This will be held outside the Skidder Slope location during the 2018 World Championship at Snowshoe Mountain, Snowshoe, WV.  The date and time for this event will be, Wednesday, August 8th, @ 6:00 p.m.  Please be at Skidder Slope 30 minutes before the shoot off.

You must use the equipment that you won your National title with.

Hope to see you there!

Bryan J. Marcum


CLASS                         SHOOTER                 

AHC                               Scott Lynch                                                 

BBO                               Alex Burrell                                                

CUB 9-12                      Ricky Wright                                               

FBO                               Angela Nester

FBR                               Cynthia Overman                                                 

FHC                               Christy Branham                              

FSR                                Rita Daley                                

FTRD                            Joella Bates                                                  

FY                                 Mattie Reiman                                             

HC                                Willie Rice                                                 

HF                                 Dwayne Flanagan                                                 

LB                                 David Wallace                                               

MBO                             Derrick Phillips                                   

MBR                             Denton Guthrie                                           

MCBH                          Mike Parker                                          

MHC                             Lee Woods                                        

MSR                              Charlie Vipperman                                   

PCBH                            Bill Booher                  

PHC                              John Saling

PMR                             Levi Morgan

PRF                               Erin McGladdery

PSR                               Tony Tazza

RU                                Chris Spikes

SFHC                            Linda Janecek

SHC                              Jeff Hazenfield

SMC                             Burley Hall

SPM                              Jacob Slusarz

STRD                            David Hawkins

TRD                              Randy Irvine

X-BOW                        Jason Wilkins

YH                                Skyler Boice

YMR 13-14                  Brady Myers

YMR 15-17                  Alec Meyer



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